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A introduction into MiisEdit

A Mii is a digital avatar used in Nintendo's Wii gaming console. After creating them in the Wii's Mii Channel, they can be used as participating characters in Mii-oriented games such as Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Play, and Mario Kart Wii. Miis are customizable and allow the user to capture a likeness or caricature, or capture the personality of themselves and others.

Up to 100 Miis may be stored on any Wii console. The Wii Remote itself can hold up to 10 Miis on its internal memory, which can later be transferred to another Wii console. In addition, Miis can also be exchanged via the WiiConnect24 service, whereby allowing a player's Miis to "mingle" will enable such Miis to appear on other people's Wii consoles. Users can also transfer Miis to supported Nintendo DS games. Miis can only be edited on the console on which they were created.

Creating MiisEdit

Miis are created through the Mii Channel on the Wii. After specifying a gender for the Mii in question, the user can alter the shape of the Mii's head, its eyes, hair, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. In addition, the creator can give the Mii glasses or facial hair as he/she desires, or give the face sharp contours, wrinkles, or ruddy cheeks, for example, among other possible attributes. Many of the features can be fine-tuned by adjusting their size, position, and inward rotation to the center of the Mii's face. Furthermore, the Mii's height and width can be adjusted using slide bars, and using the on-screen keyboard, the creator can name the Mii, assign it a birthday, give it a favorite color (such becomes the color of its shirt and its optional hat in red, orange, yellow, light green,dark green, dark blue, light blue, pink, purple, brown, white, and black), and designate it as one of the 10 favorites, in which the Mii's pants/trousers change from black to red, as well as putting the Mii first in Mii selection for some games. Miis obtained by enabling the "mingling" feature of the Mii Channel, whereby a user can view Miis from other Wii consoles in the Mii Parade, have white trousers. Miis sent by Wii Friends to other Wii Consoles, or imported from the Check Mii Out Channel, have blue trousers. Male Miis have shirts and female Miis have dresses. Miis can only be made using combinations of predetermined graphics causing appearances to be somewhat limited, causing the creator to only be able to make a caricature of a real person or a vaguely similar character.

Use of Miis on WiiEdit

Miis are intended to be an extension of the player, and in keeping with this spirit, the user can use them in several Nintendo titles for the Wii. Wii Sports is perhaps the best-known example of this, and it adds a further personal touch to Miis by saving game statistics and records for individual Miis. Even if the user created Miis had never participated in any game as players, the Miis will make cameo appearances as computer controlled opponents, teammates or within the audience.

Miis have been used to serve as game file icons (profiles) within several games. Often appearing as just a head for identification, this Mii has no impact on the actual gameplay other than to identify a player in another way besides name.
When users communicate with other Wii owners across the world using the Wii Message Board, they can attach a Mii to the sent message as a form signature so that the recipients can quickly identify the sender. A Mii can only be attached to messages sent to another Wii console, as such a feature is disabled when sending to regular email accounts on computers, or mobile phones.
Miis are primarily used in games such as Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit, Wii Music and Wii Sports Resort. Players can also use their Miis, however, in other first-party games, most noticeably within WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Mario Party 8, Mario Kart Wii,Mario Super Sluggers, Bomberman Blast and Animal Crossing: City Folk (using their Mii's head as a mask). The Japan-only Sega game Pachinko: Sammy's Collection is the first third-party game to incorporate Miis, while the Wii version of FIFA Soccer 08 is first third-party game released in North America and in PAL regions to use the Mii Channel. Many other games, like We Ski, and (the Wii version of) Guitar Hero World Tour, also use Miis.
While a Mii's head always remains the same, its body varies between games. For example, in Wii Sports, the Mii's body is stylized, with spherical floating hands and bearing no arms, much like Rayman but in Wii Fit its body is designed to look more natural, and its weight will be determined by the weight the Wii Fit found of the player in Wii Fit tests. Sometimes Miis will wear outfits in context with the game. In Mario Kart Wii, Mii racers can be dressed in jumpsuits, in Dr. Mario Online Rx, Miis appear in medical clothing, and in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, where they appear as bobblehead dolls, they will be dressed up in bounty hunter Samus Aran's Power Suit. In MLB Power Pros, Miis are designed to look like regular Power Pro-kun avatar, with legs detached from the main body. In Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2, the Mii's body is formed more like a regular human. This design was however, criticized by IGN's Lucas M. Thomas, who sarcastically commented that "[it] doesn't look disturbing at all." In Wii Fit the height of the Mii is sometimes adjusted as you you need to tell your actual height. The Mii's 'width' is also changed depending on your actual weight as measured by the Wii Balance Board.
Miis are also incorporated in the downloadable Everybody Votes Channel, where Miis represent the voter. Up to six different Miis can be registered within the channel to use in voting. Another Mii-centric channel, the Check Mii Out Channel (also known as Mii Contest Channel in Europe), was released on November 11, 2007. Perhaps an evolution of an idea shared by Shigeru Miyamoto at the Game Developers Conference in 2007, this channel allows players to share their Miis and enter them in popularity contests.

Use of Miis on DSEdit

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